October 13, 2015

UK Draws Comparisons to Sly and the Family Stone

CJLCLKLC — photos via Hear Nebraska


“We’re sorry the Huskers lost,” CJ Mills told a couple dozen people in the Bourbon Theatre’s Rye Room Saturday night. “We’re going to try to make you smile.”

The Undisco Kids then launched an ultra-funky version of Roberta Flack’s “Feel Like Making Love.” About 45 minutes later, the five-piece funk/soul band closed with a stretched out take on Funkadelic’s “I’ll Stay.”

In between, came a bunch of songs, with a mix of funk, soul and rock and joyous performance that brought to mind Sly and the Family Stone, especially when Lucas Kellison, who played guitar, keyboards and sang, moved over to bass, Larry Graham style.

Several of those tunes were Mills’ originals, reprised in the festival from the solo set she did at Tower Square Wednesday. She put a rap in the middle of “Retail Star,” her song about a vain woman shopping and “Need I Say” really hit the Sly Stone feel — and she’s a killer singer with the band as well.

Link to Lincoln Journal Star Article

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